DIARY# probably this is the way

These days i didn't have write my diaries, soooooo sorry, but today, i have been came back!!!
so happy i can see you all of friends here, miss you all!!

last few days I'm not in the mood to write the diaries and also have nothing interesting things happens,
these days since were to busy, busy with at school and to work, so i have got no time :(

the day before yesterday was very comfortable, after the classes i got my private time, on that night i heard that my friend (she is the model) and another friend (he is the great style fashionista) has been in my city for bussiness, then we have a met and talked to late at night,  i felt a little bit tired, but it was really great, i feeling great! :D

tomorrow and today, i have to finish my watercolor and gouache painting!

last night i was taken in self-study at school,  suddenly i have a friend he was came to guangzhou for bussiness, OK. then i met him, and have dinner :)

tonight, i intend to not do anything, only stay at home to write my diary, listen music, to draw my picture, plan something about the dates and watch a movie!

what a wonderful night!  have a good weekend, good blesses for you all :)

PS: i remembered few days ago that i said i will upload all the photos that i was interviewed,
right, now here are they!
bag: Guy Laroche black reusable bag, H&M black small shoulder bag

book: Mi-Lou Poetry and the ladyrinth of Desire,
Layout design basis
pen: Miffy ball-point pen
LAMCOME black and white lattice pattern Makeup Bag
Vintage silver color lipstick mirror box
SALAD snakeskin patterns wallet
NIVEA Hand Care Cream
BLACKBERRY(obsolete), BLACKBERRY(In-use), I-TOUCH first generation,
cigarette case
SONY camera DSC-T100
WIN silver color mobile phone (only photographed using)
multi-card reader
black leather material Notebook.

photos shot by this DV camera


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