haylin is here!!!!!!!!Walk, walk fashion baby,work it move that bitch crazy

royal blue legging: American Apparel

black legging: American Apparel

was interviewed on that day

in the UNIQLO and bought four pairs of socks,
the dark red, black, royal blue, brown

i really love my new necklace

went to fashionweek on that day

i was very relaxed on that day, stay at home all day!

they both my best friends! <3

ah, i really love it my new coat!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a rainy day, those beautiful raindrops falling apart

bought a new legging on that day

go to sleep

i love tie-dyed

i bought this vintage lipstick mirror box on that day, only 6 RMB!!!

i lost this ring :(

two days at nordic music festival on guangzhou tour

i adored essential oil

i undoubtedly is a super shopaholic :P

Postat av: claudia

AWESOME pictures :) and i love aa leggings too, so comfortable

2009-11-28 @ 15:48:44
URL: http://istalletformusik.blogg.se/

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