DIARY# we talked about.....

bought the M.A.C 2009 fall and winter limited STYLE BLACK MK1010 MIDNGIHT MEDIA black lipstick and nanda 3 CONCEPT EYES LIP#206 today.

the imitation fur coat and the imitation fur skirt were from Topshop-Disco friends

the white coat from ASOS

style i like today:

on the right:
Barbara Gongini mesh overall @Liger
Toga belt
Ashish for Topshop leopard print wedges 

on the left:
MMM zipped leather dress (worn as cardigan)
American Apparel black tee
MMM padded bodysuit (worn underneath)
Swagga and Soul leather pants @Liger
MMM snake skin platform sandals
Tata Baby canvas birkin

Postat av: claudia

all you need is fur and black lipstick :D

2010-02-25 @ 00:16:27
URL: http://istalletformusik.blogg.se/
Postat av: Lilly

Hi! Where did you get to buy Nanda's 3 concept makeup? I want to buy it but I'm not in Korea :( It would be nice if you could let med know at lillyogvy@hotmail.com

2010-09-22 @ 02:17:21

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