the prime collocation

Chloé pants, COS bodystocking, Jil Sander pumps, Loeffler Randall blazer and Nicole Romano necklace.

with the mint-green nailpolish and The rings are from Malene Neel.

Spon Diogo jacket and necklace bought in Paris

all these information are both from anywho!

soft 80’s

i am increasingly favor with some kind of 80's soft fashion style, it is indeed a very pleasant!

all these days about me

just at yesterday,
my friend in shanghai that he and his band just came to my city and hang out with us,
tomorrow they have to go to another city to have a show on tour, what a wonderful night,
good luck to all of you lovely guys, but what a pity thing was i really forget to take some photo with them....
how stupid i am!:(

at school on friday night, actually i can go home, but there was something i should finished it,
so i must need to stay on school tonight! and i just have a quarreled with my boyfriend at that night,
he just doesn't even know how much i needs him!
i was so angry but he was the same! haha...

the new one!

with my honey girlfriend talked with the new project!

the last friday, i got sickness! too bad! i was listless, fuck the sickness!!

last week at school :)\

at school, and have a great mood!!

* my new white tattoo!

* my honey girlfriend her new gun!!!

today we went to get a new tattoo, i was very sleepy but also a little bit excited,
and i dont know why i was always enjoy the pain,
i know it sounds weird, but that is truth, and i likes go have injections!
would you believes me?? haha.....

today at school

Lina Österman S/S 10


the dream house

those will all be mine in the future with the home when i live in sweden

beautiful toxic

soft stuff

barbara í gongini ss10

Coat by Dries Van Noten, boots by Proenza Schouler and Weekday t-shirt

MaxMara, Dries Van Noten and Matthew Ames AW09
beautiful nike!

from anywho


burnning shadows

fotograf:jeremy williams



1974静岡県 森町出身
2004東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科修士課程 日本画専攻修了
2007東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科博士後期課程 美術専攻日本画研究領域修了 博士号(美術)取得


2006『MOTアニュアル2006 No Border「日本画」から/「日本画」へ』 東京都現代美術館(東京)
2006『日本×画展』 横浜美術館(神奈川)
2006『素描展』 東京芸術大学陳列館(東京)
2006『第15回奨学生美術展』 佐藤美術館(東京)
2007『成山画廊パレード展』 成山画廊(東京)

2006佐藤美術館奨学生優秀賞 受賞
2006Vogue Nippon 2006 Women of the Year 受賞
2006The Best Debutant of The Year アート部門 受賞
2007東京藝術大学卒業修了制作 野村賞 受賞
2008平成20年度 静岡県文化奨励賞

影像: 検索 松井冬子

my photoshots/ THE DARKNESS with haylin

photo by kyan au, makeup and styling by haylin cheung,
assistant: moss way, special thanks 2 raf chen

the smoker

shot by dear friend, the photographerZRei, puss

in stores now - published by

Coat from Zara

Wallet/clutch from COS

Top from H&M

Tim Hamilton S/S 10

Tim Hamilton has only been in the womenswear game for one season but he took a big step by showing his womenswear collection in Paris for the first time (as he did with the menswear in the summer). With CFDA and Swarovski backing though and a strong vision of a 70s / 80s Helmut Newton lady empowered by a steady balance between loose and fitted, covered and exposed. So there's a tension between comfort and restriction that playd out into lean dresses, assymetric jackets, loose tailoring and a killer black crystal enrusted swimsuit. Functionality was always the overriding theme that will win him customers craving real clothes.

Dazed Digital: How does it feel to have had your first womenswear show in Paris?
Tim Hamilton: I feel so strange! It kind of feels odd that as I was looking at all the clothes, though it's all mine and then the clothes on the models, it didn't feel like this was my show. It was like "Hold on a minute, it's a woman!"

DD: But your sensibilities as a menswear designer have defnitely transferred to your womsnwear righ?
Tim Hamilton: Absolutely. I pay a huge attention to fabrics in my menswear and I did the same thing with the womenswear looking at how things moved and how they contrasted with each other.

DD: Were there any pictorial references for the collection?
Tim Hamilton: Yeah, I was really thinkinga bout a 70s/80s Helmut Newton-type women. I was also thinking about Catherine Deneuve in the film The Hunger. Last season was more romantic and I was thinking about what my mother would want to wear and thinking about Venice but this season was about adding more street wear influences.

DD: How was working with Swarovski?
Tim Hamilton: They're brilliant, incredibly helpful. I didn't want to cover everything with crystals because they're so intricate to work with and you need a lot of time to just do one piece. In the end we went for four pieces including a really great swimsuit.

Photography by Clement Dauvent.

Here is the film Tim Hamilton made with photographer Collier Schorr for his S/S10 menswear collection entitled 'Climb'.

Celine S/S 10

Everyone has been anticipating what Phoebe Philo would do at Celine after the raptures the pre-collection got. She could have fallen into pulling out the old Chloe tricks she played that won her many hardcore fans but instead, respecting Celine as a slightly more grown-up brand. So in a restrained palette of camel, black, white and touches of navy, she made lines clean and simple without fault yet never losing interest as there were perfectly fitted black leather tees, leather A-line skirts, high waisted trousers and shirts.

new skirt

i love snake skin texture

dear friend's birthday night

recover and the newly obtained

sheepskin, old shoes, i lost them before, but now them gone back, really happy!

the new, by h&m


my new things





fashion dairy - haylin, will be coming soon

just for a little preliminary announcement.
ph by photographer# kyan au

the new photoshot!

mid-autumn festival party

after we were been all finished each others family reunion dinners then the party goes to started

my honeygirlfriend ka her legging are perfect!

on the eve of mid-autumn festival party

good morning

the valley

_dear nike


this morning

The Opium

shot at the Qing Dynasty, old china

the nature her daughter

amazing little girl


Gareth Pugh S/S 10

The film that Gareth Pugh had debuted at an installation during New York Fashion Week was supposed to be a precursor and whilst it got the mood and the colour palette spot on, you would not have been able to guess the sort of shape shifting that Pugh would show in  Paris. At the Palais de Tokyo yesterday, Matthew Stone's reworking of the theme from Requiem for a Dream languidly introduced a collection that moved away from the previous monochrome precision and prickly textures. Everything played around with shades of grey and combined with the make-up that shaded the models' faces andthe hair that was tinted a dusky mauve, it was as if a layer of dust had settled on everything.  The soft textures seen in the womenswear balanced different fabrications in each ensemble with shapes that were flowing as opposed to restrictive and where previously Pugh's models looked like they were stomping out ready for a war of sorts, here they floated and came out with a sort of dark serenity. The menswear collection toyed with the same shape vocabulary as previous collections with perhaps a bigger emphasis on structure. For lovers of Pugh's dramatics, spike-headed headpieces that fanned out like a Sun King/Queen headpiece offset the soft fabrics.
The precursory film in New York was dramatically concluded with a collection that shows Pugh's softer side.

feel it

hey you guys


the projects of this season

ghost ghost ghost shadows


I LOVE my goddamned school


honey girlfriend, irandrea

honey girlfriend, ka


sooooo dark

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